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Seniors Week Concert and Vocal Workshop

24 AUGUST 2017

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Come enjoy this FREE event, which includes a vocal workshop prior to the concert!

This is a FREE concert exclusively for seniors. Please reserve your space online or by calling SunPAC Box Office.

The four stunning individual voices of Belladiva come together to perform intricate arrangements of best-loved classics from opera to pop.

The siren song of these glamorous sopranos charms and captivates with its sublime and unique sound. Belladiva’s virtuosic vocal feats and striking musical arrangements span from operatic favourites, pop-opera hits through to contemporary classics. The divas are vibrant and compelling solo performers in their own right, backed by years of national and international experience, including performances with Opera Queensland, OzOpera, Circa, Women in Voice, Oscar Theatre Company, Harvest Rain Theatre Company and Operacus.

Join the performers for a vocal workshop before the concert!

10:30AM - 11AM Hitting the High Notes
Introduction to basic singing technique for the amateur singer 

Learn the fundamental elements of vocal technique through group exercises in an informative and practical, but relaxed group environment. Participants will learn elements of postural alignment, breathing technique, basic physiology, vowel shapes, resonance, range and more, as taught in leading tertiary institutions. Run by musical director/performer Alicia Cush and performer Bethan Ellsmore, this workshop will give any singer basic general knowledge, vocal health tips, introductory technical exercises and the confidence to further explore the possibilities of their voices.

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