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Yamma Yamma Extravaganza

Presented by Australian Indian Theater Inc.

24 NOVEMBER 2018

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Yamma Yamma Extravaganza is a Bollywood-style theatrical comedy. A man badly in need of true love's kiss, Yamraaj (God of Death) on a mission, a revengeful mother-in-law and much more!

A couple in love meets with an accident, the man is taken to Yamraaj (God of Death) by mistake.  Yamraaj now has to figure out a way to send the man back to where he came from in 28 days otherwise all will be doomed. He has also upset his mother-in law, who wants to take revenge.

In order to go back to his time the man needs true love’s kiss, hence the story is him trying to woo various women from various eras. There is only one trouble, there is another man who takes the girl in the end. Every single time.

Will Yamraaj be successful in his mission? Will Rahul get true love’s kiss? Will he be back to the real love of his life? Come along on this hilarious journey full of music and dancing, twists and turns and discover the true essence of love.

The evening is hosted by Australian Indian Theater, presented by Cornerstone Law Offices and will accompanied by dinner.

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