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Shock Lab

High School Holiday Workshop

1 - 5 JUL 2019

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SunPAC Presents

By Shock Therapy Productions

During this week-long theatrical laboratory, you will gain an insight into Shock Therapy’s unique method of storytelling, characterisation and physical theatre.

Company co-founders Hayden Jones and Sam Foster will teach you acting and physical theatre skills over the week and explain their approach to devising issue based theatre. The week will culminate in an informal sharing of some of the various skills and ideas that have been explored throughout the week.

Shock Therapy Productions are an award-winning company based on the Gold Coast, that aim to create stories that explore what it is to be human – provocative, uplifting, challenging, impactful.


今年寒假,SunPAC欢迎有兴趣的高中生来参加我们为期一周的演艺班。本期课程将有Shock Therapy指导,带领同学们学习独特的演艺叙事方式,人物刻画和舞台布置。Shock创始人Hayden和Sam将会亲自授课,手把手辅导学生掌握优秀的表演技巧。两位大师还会用自己的亲身经历告诉学生们如何经营一个成功的表演团队。对舞台或影视表演有兴趣的同学们千万不要错过这千载难逢的机会!

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