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The Stones

Written by Stefo Nantsou and Tom Lycos

25 JUNE 2019

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SunPAC Presents:

Two boys, aged 13 and 15, are charged with manslaughter after kicking rocks off a freeway overpass and killing a motorist.

Based on a true story, The Stones is about risk taking behaviour and the pain of guilt when things go too far. The play places the audience in the position of a jury where they must consider whether the boys are responsible for their actions, or too young to know what they were doing.

This award-winning play about youth crime and punishment continues to engage, enthral and excite audiences and now Shock Therapy Productions puts their signature stamp on this classic work.




基于一个真实的故事,The Stones是一个关于冒险行为,自责与内疚感的故事。该剧将观众置于陪审团的位置,他们必须考虑男孩是否对自己的行为负责,或者年龄太小而不知道自己在做什么。


这部关于青少年犯罪和惩罚的获奖作品持续吸引着观众,并激发观众对正义与谅解的判断。今年,Shock Therapy Productions在这部经典作品上留下了他们的标志性印记。

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