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Once Upon A Time...

Primary School Holiday Workshop

9 - 11 JUL 2019

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SunPAC and shake & stir theatre co-present

SunPAC and shake & stir theatre co-present

Once Upon A Time 

Have a tonne of fun bringing your favourite fairytales to life!

SunPAC have joined forces with shake & stir theatre co for a fun filled 3-day school holiday workshop. SunPAC is dedicated to providing opportunities for your children to learn and enjoy theatre in the holidays. shake & stir drama classes have been a fantastic extra-curricular activity proven to strengthen your child’s performance and communication skills, raise their self confidence and increase their level of physical activity.

Over the 3 days, you’ll learn how to create stories for the stage using your voice, body and imagination. Learn new skills, make new friends and put your own silly twist on some classic tales. To top it all off, at the end of the 3 days you’ll be showing your friends and family what you’ve created on the SunPAC stage.


孩子们,想不想把你们最喜欢的童话故事带到你身边呢?艺术家Alex Butt将在这个寒假带着你实现这个愿望!在这个为期三天的创意工坊里,孩子们可以尽情体验舞台剧创作的乐趣,发挥想象,用自己的声音将自己喜欢的故事变成现实。除此之外,孩子们还能结交新朋友,大家齐心协力,为熟悉的童话故事加入属于自己的转折和结尾,一起经历一段独一无二的美好时光。

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