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The Wizard of Oz Interactive Show

Presented by Rainbow Crossing Inc.

22 JANUARY 2019

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Click your heels together and get ready to follow a yellow brick road full of fun, adventure and wacky characters.

In this new, interactive re-telling of Frank Baum’s classic story directed by Brian Laul, kids can rap with the Tinman, roar like a Lion, wake up sleepy Shakey the Scarecrow and dance with Dorothy as they go off to see the Wizard.

3D animation on screen, catchy music and fantastic costumes bring this production alive on stage. Come dressed up as your favourite Oz character and create some oz-some photo memories. Don't forget to bring a toy for our Children's Hospital Toy Appeal.

"If great grandfather was alive, I'm sure he would be clapping, singing along and smiling with your show!" -  Robert Baum, great grandson of Oz author L. Frank Baum

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