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Love & Latin

Presented by Brisbane City Pops Orchestra

26 MAY 2019

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An amazing afternoon full of the best music of Love and Latin:

A concert not to be missed!

The Brisbane City Pops Orchestra is excited to present Love and Latin as our second concert of 2019. It will be a program full of beautiful music inspired by love, as well as the captivating rhythms of Latin music – a favourite style of this orchestra!

You will swoon to these well-known melodies of love as we perform pieces by Franz Lehar (the king of operetta, including The Merry Widow) and Cole Porter, who wrote so many musicals. Then you will sway to the rhythms as we play a selection from the Andalucia Suite by the famous Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuana.

Our guest artist for this concert is an amazing young mezzo-soprano Xenia Puskarz Thomas. Xenia has recently completed a Bachelor of Music (Honours) at the Qld Conservatorium of Music. In 2018 she was awarded the Tinkler Encouragement Award at the IFAC Handa Australian Singing Competition and has completed a number of professional engagements. We are delighted to have Xenia sing Schubert’s Ave Maria and The Rose, plus more.

The orchestra will also perform some favourite Latin pieces, including Delicado by Azevedo, Estrellita by Ponce, Cumana by Barclay (for piano solo) and Blue Tango by Anderson. We will also pull the strings of your heart with Fly Me to the Moon by Howard, Wine, Women and Song by Strauss and Liebestraum by Liszt.





当舞者们表演Franz Lehar(轻歌剧之王,包括The Merry Widow)和Cole Porter(他们写了很多音乐剧)时,你会对这些着名的爱情旋律感到震惊。然后,当着名的古巴作曲家Ernesto Lecuana从安达卢西亚套房中选出时,您将挥洒节奏。


这场音乐会的嘉宾艺术家是一位年轻的女中音歌唱家Xenia Puskarz Thomas。 Xenia最近在昆士兰音乐学院完成了音乐学士学位(荣誉学位)。 2018年,她在IFAC Handa澳大利亚歌唱比赛中获得了Tinkler鼓励奖,并完成了多项专业活动。我们很高兴能让Xenia唱出舒伯特的Ave Maria和The Rose等等。


管弦乐队还将演奏一些最受欢迎的拉丁乐曲,包括Azevedo的Delicado,Ponce的Estrellita,Barclay的Cumana(钢琴独奏)和Anderson的Blue Tango。我们还将通过施特劳斯的“霍华德”,“葡萄酒”,“女人”和“歌曲”以及李斯特的Liebestraum将“飞向我”带到月球上。

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