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Education & Family Program: MUSICAL THEATRE MADNESS

September School Holiday Workshops

26 SEP - 27 SEP, 2019

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Kimberley Hodgson has been touring nationally & internationally on Disney’s Aladdin, Into The Woods, Pirates of Penzance, Rolling Thunder Vietnam and Cats. She will be sharing her professional experience with a small group of young people at SunPAC in the September school holidays.

For two days, Kim will take students through a musical theatre based workshop like no other. Sharing her modern approach to the art of singing, acting and dancing, Kim will provide the students with various excerpts and show material, direct them and rehearse them. On the final day, students will have the opportunity to present their work to their peers, friends and family!

The workshop will teach the students basic skills and techniques that can be used to perfect their craft, such as:

#Singing: Technical tips on keeping the voice at its best.

#Acting: Telling a story through song.

#Dancing: The reason behind the movement.

This workshop is not only designed to help with confidence, but to also encourage the students to be the stars they were BORN to be! It’s all about having fun, working with professionals and learning a few helpful tips along the way.


曾在全球巡演迪斯尼的阿拉丁,进入森林,彭赞斯海盗,滚雷霆越南和猫之国的专业演员金伯利霍奇森,将在九月的学校假期与SunPAC的年轻戏剧学员分享她的专业经验。在为期2天的时间里,Kim将带领学生参加一个与众不同的音乐剧工坊。 Kim将分享她对歌唱,表演和舞蹈艺术的专业心得,为学生提供各种摘录和展示材料,指导和排练。在最后一个下午,学生们有机会向同龄人,朋友和家人展示他们的作品!






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