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Lu Chun Fang


8 JULY 2019

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7月8日晚上 6:30, 江南邓丽君 - 陆纯芳小姐演唱会

Brief Introduction of ACETP 2019 "Light of Charity" Public Welfare Activity

ACETP 2019 "Light of Charity" Public Welfare Activity will be held in Queensland on 8 July 2019. " South China Wuxi Art and Photography Exhibition 2019 " will be held at 10 AM, and "South China Ms. Lu Chunfang ~ Ms. Deng Lijun Classic Song Concert" will be held at 6:30 PM. The event is a public welfare cultural and art exhibition, free of charge for the local multicultural residents, overseas Chinese and Chinese people, which provides a platform for exchange activities. The purpose of which is to let the world know South China, let South China go global.

2019 "Light of Charity " public welfare activity is sponsored by ACETP has been highly regarded and strongly supported by Queensland MP Mr. Peter Russo, Ms. Corrine McMillan, "Blue and White Porcelain" Exhibition Center of Wuxi People's Government of China, Mr. Wu Jianxuan, former vice mayor of Wuxi, overseas Chinese affairs office of Jiangsu provincial people's government, overseas exchange association of Jiangsu province and other relevant leaders. At the same time, it has also received the support of various community leaders in Queensland, as well as many professional calligraphers and painters from Wuxi Painting and Calligraphy Academy, masters of arts and photography in South China, and Ms. Lu Chunfang, who is a famous classic singer of Ms. Deng Lijun in South China, and other artists.


ACETP“慈善之光” 系列公益活动将于2019年7月8日在昆士兰举行,当天上午10时举办“2019江南无锡美术、摄影作品展”,晚上6:30举办“江南陆纯芳~邓丽君经典歌曲演唱会”。活动为全公益性质的文化艺术展示展演,免费为当地多元文化居民和华侨、华人提供的一个交流活动的平台,旨在让世界了解江南、让江南走向世界。
ACETP主办的2019“慈善之光”系列公益活动得到了昆士兰州议员Peter Russo MP、Corrine McMillan MP、中国无锡市人民政府“青花瓷场”展览中心、原无锡市副市长吴建选先生、江苏省人民政府侨务办公室、江苏省海外交流协会等有关领导的高度重视和大力支持,同时也得到了昆士兰州各社团领袖们的鼎力相助,以及来自无锡市书画院的多位专业书画家、江南地区的美术大师、摄影大师、江南知名邓丽君经典歌曲演唱者陆纯芳女士等艺术家的倾情支持。

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