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7:30PM - 9:00PM

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What is “home” for you? This unique show, Kooch, provides a special opportunity to hear Shirin Majd and her ensemble perform beautiful arrangements of folk songs from around the world. Enjoy a fusion of opera, dance, jazz, visual arts presented through traditional and new songs from Farsi, Turkish, Spanish & English languages.
Kooch: Songs of Migration draws music from around Iran and combines this with the creativity and personal expression inherent in jazz and improvised forms, producing a reflective journey evoking the essence of the migration experience.
Through the music of composer/arranger Mastaneh Nazarian, Basir Faghih Nasiri and Mahyar Alizadeh, Kooch brings to life the universal themes that migrants have faced throughout different times and places, and communicates this deeply with songs of hope, peace, belonging, and love’s passage. This international show promises to take its audience on a rich and exotic journey to distant lands, far beyond the imagination.

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