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11 AUG, 2019

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It’s no secret that opera has death nailed.

At the heart of some of opera’s greatest moments, you’ll find a knife, bullet or poison paired with some of the most sublime music ever written. For 400 years, death has inspired iconic composers and beclouded modern legends; Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin whose songs speak as passionately to us as the music of their operatic counterparts.

Songs To Die For is a cheeky nod to the over-dramatised deaths of opera’s leading characters masterfully entwined with pop classics. Presented by three of Opera Queensland’s leading artists, Songs To Die For is a celebration of the end brought to vivid life in a night where Don Giovanni meets Highway to Hell.



在歌剧曾经最伟大时刻的核心里,你会发现让这些死亡的元素,比如刀子,毒药等等,他们是有史以来最崇高的音乐类型形成的原因。 400年来,死亡激发了许多标志性的作曲家和现代传说; Kurt Cobain,Amy Winehouse和Janis Joplin,他们的歌曲让我们充满热情。

“Songs to die for”是对歌剧界人物过度戏剧化与死亡的完美结合,这些人物与流行经典巧妙地交织在一起。 由昆士兰歌剧院的三位主要艺术家主演,Songs To Die For是一个盛大庆祝活动,从黄昏到到地狱的夜晚,让我们感受流离在生死身边的生动的故事。

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