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AFIN International Film Festival 2019 - Screening Nights

Screening Night

21, 23, 25 OCT 2019

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2019 AFIN International Film Festival is a festival with aims for worldwide filmmakers and the general public to participate by gathering International Film and Television works, screening films with artistic value, globally distributable appeal, and ideological content. Its main purpose is to promote the exchange of experience amongst film workers globally, help them to grow from the exchange of experience and skill, encourage new filmmakers and ideas, and promote the healthy development of film’s art and industry. AFIN is a large-scale, international, professional, innovative, open and market-oriented film industry event. 

You are welcomed to join us at our screening nights:

AFIN International Film Festival Screening 1 - Horror / Thriller Film and AUS/CAN Feature Film Focus (Greenfield and Puppet Killer Features Premiere) - 21.10.2019

AFIN International Film Festival Screening 2 - Asian Film and US Feature Film Focus (The Thin Line Feature Premiere) - 23.10.2019

AFIN International Film Festival Screening 3 - Mature Themes and EUR Feature Film Focus (The Last Berliner Feature Premiere) - 25.10.2019


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