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How (Not) To Teach: Pilot Episode Screening & Series Launch Event

23 NOV, 2019

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Follow school teacher Mr Chen (Kenji Lee) as he wings his way through teaching Chinese to a group of eccentric Year 10 students and the daily interactions with his equally unconventional colleagues at Cloverfield College CFC. His greatest nemesis is Head of Secondary School, Jay Lopez aka. JayLo (Joey Vieira). Although this is Mr Chen's second year as a teacher, there is still absolutely no sign of him improving his unorthodox teaching style...
Staff Cast: Joey Vieira, Kenji Lee aka. Mr Chen, Charlotte Hoffman, J Ma, Olivia Scott, Matthew French, Rob Schyff, Sam Sidhu

Student Cast: Kimberly Hodgkinson, Koshik Gounder, Mia Gunning, Nick Perrin, Paul Chang, Shaun Parker, Tammi-Leigh Siola'a, Victoria Williamson
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