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SunKIDS Seed Children's Music Program 2020

By Harmonie Music Centre

The SunKIDS Seed Music Program offers free monthly music groups for children of all ages, from babies and toddlers to pre-prep and kindy groups.

Harmonie Music Centre, one of Australia's leading music education group will provide a special time each month at the Sunnybank Performing Arts & Cultural Centre for children to experience the magic of making music together. We make music live and in the moment, we don't 'press play' and crowd the environment with layers of sensory stimulation. We sing. We dance. We play instruments. We nurture relationships and provide age-appropriate multi-modal stimulation alongside other arts and craft activations in the SunPAC foyer.

The SunPAC café will be open so that parents can relax and catch up with friends over tea or coffee. 

Program Schedule: 

Mon 3 Feb
Mon 2 March
Mon 6 April 
Mon 11 May
Mon 1 June
Mon 6 July
Mon 3 August
Mon 7 September 
Mon 12 October
Mon 2 November 


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