Cam Percy & Evolution Productions present:

The New Tales of Quinn

Lord Mayor’s Children’s Program

Event Details

Sat 21 May 2022


SunPAC 470 McCullough St Sunnybank


Free tickets

“The New Tales of Quinn” is an interactive theatre show where you help our storyteller spin new tales for their hero, Quinn. It’s up to you to send Quinn on an adventure they’ve never been on before! What new lands will they explore and what mystical objects will they discover? What strange creatures will Quinn encounter and who will they meet – a giant? A pirate? A witch? You decide!

Director, Camilla Percy

Cam holds a bachelor’s degree in education from QUT and has been an improviser for 10 years. She has travelled around Australia and the world to teach, direct, perform and learn theatrical improvisation. She has studied under the inventor of Theatresports™, Keith Johnstone in Canada, performed impro for an audience of 500 (including the Australian ambassador) in the Philippines and mounted her original piece The New Tales of Quinn for the Brisbane City Council in 2019. Cam is based in Brisbane and teaches improvisation for curious adults, organisations and school students. She is the Oceania region representative for the International Theatresports Institute.